Disc for grinding stainless steel, alloy steel, chilled steel, tool steel and cast iron

· High quality Aluminium and white fused Alumina

· Sharpness; easy and cool grinding

· Speical for stainless steel, alloy steel and high hardness materials

· High security

· High performance

Product Description

The surface of wooden design prepainted galvanized steel sheet is superior.It use steel instead of wood,cut the cost,low carbon;No decolorization,No faded,fireproof,anti-corrosion.In recent years,it is widely used in construction,decoration,household application,furniture,ceiling,wall panel and different kinds of doors.
Jiangsu Virtual Digital Technology Co.Ltd foucs on the development and production of exterior wall wooden color steel sheet, 3D effects, made by 5 suits of printing technology.It has a strong sense of three-dimensional, high precision, simple construction,cost savings, nano-environmental technology, replace real marble effectively.
It is widely used of wooden design prepainted galvanized steel sheet in the external walls of the villa, thermal insulation wallboard,interior decoration etc.